UK Voice Artist

Hello and welcome to, internet home of me, voice artist Philip Lewis.

The player on the right plays all my demos consecutively, but you can scroll the list and click on any title to jump straight to that track.   (If the player doesn't start automatically,  just click the 'Audio ShowReel' menu button, or any track title.)

I specialise in documentary, explainers, webcasts, e-learning, on-hold, in-store, soft-sell and narrative work.

Clients say my voice is rich, authoratative and reassuring and my diction clear and easy to listen to.

Many jobs can be turned around within hours, depending on my availability - always at very reasonable, and often negotiable, rates and overnight, if necessary.

For further information, or to request specific audition  pieces, please get in touch via the ' Get in Touch ' form!

  • Short Film Voiceovers
  • Audio Description - Poirot
  • Soft, Suggestive Sell
  • Science Documentary
  • Insurance Commercial
  • Hard Sell Tv Promo
  • Podcast Compilation
  • Sega Sizzler
  • Historical Documentary
  • Emmerdale Breakfast Radio Announcer
  • Audio Description - EastEnders
  • Legal Claim Commercial
  • Medical Podcast
  • Audio Description - Ashes to Ashes
  • Humorous Sell
  • Audio Description - Reggie Perrin
  • Business Podcast
  • Medical Commercial
  • Audio Tour Guide
  • Historical Documentary
  • A Story
  • Tourism Commercial
  • WebSite Instructions
  • A Viewer's Letter
  • Children's Hospital Commercial
  • Company IVR/On Hold
  • InStore Announcement
  • Real Estate Commercial
  • Car Commercial
  • 3 IVR/On Hold Messages
  • Industrial DVD Commentary
  • Charity Appeal
  • Computer Game - A god speaks
  • Gas announcement
  • PC Game intro
  • Local Furniture Store Commercial
  • Security Announcement
  • Train Announcement
  • Mind The Gap!
  • Lift Announcement
  • Departure warning
  • Pensioner Narration - Beautiful Girls!
  • Middle-aged Narration - Veal
  • Character narration - Sanctity
  • 6 Characters in Shakespeare